Our group has been most active within the Libertarian Party. See full details at the Our History page.

However, right wing Republican abortion prohibitionist propaganda has influenced some libertarians to call for outlawing abortion at some point in pregnancy.  Some of these individuals are sincere but lack a full understanding of libertarian principles.  Others have been overly influenced by the highly emotional approach of Ron Paul, based on his personal trauma, and thus allowed emotion and loyalty to trump reason and principle. Others just want to get the votes of abortion prohibitionists who are fed up with the constant sell-out of liberty by most of the Republican party. All of these people must be persuaded that the true libertarian way is to find voluntary solutions to the problem.  State intervention doesn’t stop abortion, it only makes it more expensive, more dangerous and results in more, later term abortions.

It also is necessary to reach out to the general public to make it clear that libertarian principles support the pro-choice position of keeping the government out of the issue.  This is necessary because noisy abortion prohibitionist candidates will continue to run and create the impression in their localities that most libertarians are abortion prohibitionists.  As much as possible we will inform local media of the error of these candidate’s ways.  In general, we hope to encourage more public and media outreach.