Libertarians boast they are “Pro-Choice on Everything.” The Pro-Choice Libertarians network is made up of libertarians, inside and outside the Libertarian Party, who want to keep the government out of the abortion issue and other reproductive rights issues. We consider ourselves “anti-prohibition” on the issue. We emphasize both women’s rights to control their bodies and the negative consequences of abortion prohibition.

See our Principles page which details how various libertarians defend the right to abortion through applying one or  more of four basic libertarian principles: individual liberty, self-ownership, self-determination and limited government. Also learn about our strategies in our Mission Statement.  If you are interested in our network also see our Facebook organization page, Facebook activist discussion page, Twitter account, and Youtube page.

Since our formation in 1987, Pro-Choice Libertarians has been active in the Libertarian Party, especially in years when abortion prohibitionists, and “moderate” libertarians trying to appeal to them, have tried to eliminate the party’s pro-choice plank.  Whatever their reasons or motivations, these defacto enemies of women’s freedom want this pro-choice libertarian position OUT of the Libertarian Party platform and OUT of the libertarian philosophy. The essential part of the platform is underlined in red.

The 2020 Libertarian Party presidential candidate Jo Jorgensen ( has stated that she supports the Libertarian Party’s position of keeping government out of the abortion issue. Like many pro-life individuals, she understands the downside of government banning abortion and regulating reproduction.  And she knows it would be very divisive to try to remove the party platform. The Vice-Presidential candidate Spike Cohen is firmly pro-choice.

Libertarians oppose anti-abortion legislative efforts nationwide. The Republican Party has used the abortion issue to take power in many states over the last 15 years and these states are using regulations to close abortion clinics, discouraging women seeking legal abortions, punishing women for natural miscarriages on dubious charges and even attempting to restrict abortion to the first few weeks of pregnancy, when few women even know they are pregnant. Libertarians seek repeal of these outrageous laws and regulations. Starting with making sure that the Libertarian Party STAYS pro-choice on everything.

Pro-choice libertarians seek to educate new libertarians – many “brainwashed” by the anti-choice Republican Party which uses the issue to bully members – as to the necessity of keeping the government out of the issue. And we must educate ex-Democrat Party and independent pro-choicers entering the party so they understand why libertarianism also opposes government forcing tax payers to support abortion and other reproductive services. Both sides need education on the unintended consequences of any government involvement in the issue and the benefits of seeking only voluntary solutions to the problem of unwanted and/or dangerous pregnancies.

Please join Pro-Choice Libertarians efforts to work for women’s reproductive liberty.


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3 thoughts on “Our Network”

  1. The platform committee has several options of the abortion plank, I think you will be able to find a version that will be acceptable. I would hate to not be able to proudly wear my Pro-Choice on everything pin. If you have not seen the committees survey please contact the chair Alicia Matson.

  2. Right on guys. The anti-choice, anti-women, anti-freedom frantics try to take over any political organization they can, be it Republican, Democratic, Tea Partyl or Libertarian. I am all on board against this.

  3. I am fully against the removal of this plank, and will vote accordingly. I believe that this is an issue that we want to ensure is covered to some degree in our platform as opposed to leaving it completely open for debate.

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