Since 2006 the plank has read: “Recognizing that abortion is a sensitive issue and that people can hold good-faith views on all sides, we believe that government should be kept out of the matter, leaving the question to each person for their conscientious consideration. 

Keeping the government out of the issue obviously is “pro-choice”. Thus abortion prohibitionists, members trying to attract their votes and people who naively think the debate will end if the platform is removed have been trying to get rid of any abortion plank for years. This year they dominated the Platform Committee and even inflitrated LP “Radicals”, calling for removal of the plank.

During Convention debate on the platform a committee member tried to suspend the rules to get the current language replaced. He lost. There was a motion to stop discussing changing the abortion plank entirely. It passed. There were FAR more cheers than anything else. YEAH!!!!

However the vote to suspend to do it was 194 FOR and 169 AGAINST (our side). So prohibitionists, vote seekers and those fed up with discussing abortion did have a majority of delegates on the floor and only the rules saved the plank!!

So we can see Pro-choice Libertarians has got lots of organizing to do to convince the LP to remain pro-choice on abortion! And to carry the pro-choice libertarian message on abortion to the world.

Please join us if you are pro-choice. We are beefing up our efforts see  Twitter/ProChoiceLibs and/or Pro-Choice Libertarians FaceBook group (pro-choicers only) and/or our Youtube page, under construction.  Back to our originally scheduled introduction…

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Libertarians boast they are “Pro-Choice on Everything.”  This group is for libertarians who want to make sure the Libertarian Party stays defacto “pro-choice” — or anti-prohibition — on the abortion issue. We want to ensure that the abortion plank which says “government should be kept out of the matter” remains in the platform.  We would like to strengthen the platform again so it goes back to naming the many ways the government restricts womens freedom to control their own bodies, thus making them defacto slaves of the state.

The enemies of freedom want this libertarian position OUT of the Libertarian Party platform and OUT of the libertarian philosophy. They are fanatics who want to boast they turned the LP into an anti-abortion party and will spend the next ten years harassing libertarian convention goers to put an abortion prohibitionist plank in the platform. Removing the plank will not end divisive battles, it will increase them!  See our page on 2016 Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates positions on abortion.

The Republican Party has used the abortion issue to take power in many states over the last 15 years. And today many states now are using regulation to close abortion clinics, using new questionable scientific and religion-based arguments to ban abortion at earlier stages, prosecuting women for seeking abortions states have made illegal, and even prosecuting women for natural miscarriages on dubious charges.  Yet some libertarians want to drop the plank so the LP can attract Republicans disgusted by the 2016 Presidential candidate!

We need to strengthen libertarians’ commitment to the issue – and the Libertarian Party platform language. If not in 2016, definitely in 2018. We must protest these prohibitionist regulations, prosecutions and laws. We will engage in strategies like lobbying, leafleting, rallying and, if necessary, protesting, to remind members how important it is that the LP STAYS pro-choice on everything!

Pro-Choice Libertarians is for libertarians, whether “pro-life” or “pro-choice,” who agree with these goals.  We do not promote a specific argument or ideology to support the view that government should stay out of the abortion issue. We emphasize both women’s rights to control their bodies and the negative consequences of abortion prohibition. We share both both “pro-abortion” arguments and “pro-life” alternatives to abortion.

Pro-choice Libertarians as an organized group has been active since its formation in 1987 when there was a very public challenge to the platform.  It has become active again during other years when there was a particular challenge to the platform. Hopefully it will become continually active in the future.

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  1. The platform committee has several options of the abortion plank, I think you will be able to find a version that will be acceptable. I would hate to not be able to proudly wear my Pro-Choice on everything pin. If you have not seen the committees survey please contact the chair Alicia Matson.

  2. Right on guys. The anti-choice, anti-women, anti-freedom frantics try to take over any political organization they can, be it Republican, Democratic, Tea Partyl or Libertarian. I am all on board against this.

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